Burlington County Prison February 13-14, 2010

  Burlington County Prison was our first official Investigation. Everything went pretty smooth and even had some paranormal activity.

        The Burlington County Prison is located in Mount Holly, New Jersey.  The Prison was finished in 1811 and was designed by Robert Mills.  Robert Mills was born in 1781 in South Carolina and was 1 of 6 children. His love of Architecture was most likely influenced by his uncle and english architect James Ho ban.  Robert Mills began is training under Hoban as a draftsman who was working on the Capitol Builing in Washington DC. Mills First endeavor on his own was the Burlington County Prison.


       He took alot into consideration, interior planning, ventilation, and fireproofing were all incorporated into the design.  Alot has happend since it first opened and housed some of the United States worst criminals.


       One of those men was the Boston Strangler, Albert Desalvo.  Before he went on his killing spree, he spent time in the prison.  Also numerous hangings occured at the prison. For each execution, gallows ere constructed. Joel Clough, one of those executed, is said to haunt the premises. His last days were spent in the "Dungeon." Which is nothing more then a small room with no windows, where one would find themselves chained to the floor behind two locked doors.

  Burlington County Prison Results

         Our investigation revealed alot of EVP's.  Alot of personal experience were to be had. Unfortunately no photographic or video evidence was captured at our investigation.