Burlington County Prison

MT Holly NJ

March 24,2012 

Time Start: 6:50 pm

Time End: 12:03 am

Lead Investigators:  John Skimelis, Frank Masini

Investigators: Christi Mackey, Dave Hoff, Rich Hoff

Guest: Ray, Mike, and John W.

Weather:  Cloudy with occasional rain. Temp 50's. Wind east 5-10 with gusts up to 20.

Barometric Pressure steady at around 29.95

Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent 4% illuminated

Geomagnetic Field: NA

Solar Flares: NA 

Equipment Used

4 IR Camera DVR system, View Sonic 19" LCD TV, 800 Ft video cable, Olympus VN 8100PC, (2) Olympus VN 7600PC, (2) Olympus VN 4100PC, K2 Meter, EMF field tester, Trifield natural EM meter, MEL meter 8704R, Sony HVL-IRM IR light illuminator, Olympus SP-600UZ camera, DXG 720P full spectrum camcorder, full spectrum digital camera

Timeline of Events

6:50-7:20:47: We arrived and were let in by the park ranger, began setup of our equipment.

7:09:40: Camera 1,2,3, and 4 Started and set up for the nights investigation.

7:20:47: We go Lights out.

7:21:58: Frank, Rich, and John W. begin the nights investigation in the basement/outside courtyard.

7:22:22: Christi, Ray, and Mike head to the 2nd floor. John S. and Dave stay at base, located on the 1st floor wardens office.

7:46:38: Frank, Rich, and John W. return to base to replace batteries in franks audio recorder.

7:49:47: Frank, Rich and John W. return to the basement/outside courtyard.

7:55:47: John S. joins Frank, Rich and John W. out in the courtyard.

7:56:17: First EVP of the night caught on the audio recorder placed in the big room on the 2nd Floor, where Christi, Ray and Mike are.  This is a very clear class A EVP. You hear a woman say"Get're not supposed to be here" take a listen.

Get Out.....

8:13:34: John S. Frank, Rich and John W. to 2nd floor.

8:15:00: John S. to base. Frank, Rich, and John W. to 1st floor/womans wing.

8:16:22: EVP caught on video. Located on the 1st floor womans wing, where Frank, Rich, John W. are. Sounds like a woman moaning or crying, very faint.

Cry or Moan

8:17:31: Second EVP in the womans wing, this time that of a male

Male voice womans wing

8:20:20: Third EVP in the womans wing. This is caught on both video and Audio recorder. Voice sounds similar to another investigation at burlington. I would classify this as a Class A EVP.  Sounds like "My name is Jones"


Video of EVP

Feb 13, 2010 investigation  This is a haunting

8:41:07: John S. to 2nd floor

8:41:09: Christi, Ray, and Mike to base (small break)

8:43:23: Christi, Ray, and Mike back to see John on the 2nd floor.

8:52:46: John S., Christi, Ray, and Mike back to base.

8:53:00: Everyone is now at base

9:03:29: John S., Frank, Rich, John W. to the 2nd floor. Christi, Ray, and Mike, investigate the 1st floor

9:16:52: John S. joins Christi, Ray, and Mike.

9:17:45: Rich joins Dave at base

9:18:46: John S., Christi, Ray, and Mike head out to investigate the basement/outdoor courtyard

9:40:12: Frank, Dave, and John W. to basement.

9:50:56: Frank and John W. to 2nd floor.

10:00:32: Dave to base

10:05:20: Dave to 2nd floor.

10:07:30: John S. to base.

10:13:02: Christi, Ray, and Mike to base

10:20:12: Frank, Dave, and John W. to base

10:29:02: John S., Christi, Ray, and Mike to 2nd floor. Frank and John W to 1st floor.

10:45:20: Rich to 2nd floor.

10:48:00: Frank comes up to the 2nd floor to get me, (John S.) He tells me while he was down in the womans wing, he asked for a spirit to turn on a flashlight. It came on and was able to make the light go dimmer and brighter on command. As it was happening the flashlight was rolling back and forth on the floor. Unfortunately this is just a personal experience, as Frank didnt have a camcorder handy to record this phenomenom.

10:50:00-11:35:24: John S. to womans wing with Frank and John W.  While down in the area, we experienced some strange Trifield meter spikes . Everyone who entered this area of the prison, had a feeling of heaviness come over them, which alerted us to some type of entity in the area. Perhaps the spirit who talked to us earlier in the night.

11:34:05: EVP upstairs big room. Strange voice


11:40:16: Lights on

11:48:15: End DVR cameras

12:03:00: Depart Burlington.




Number of Photos taken: 67

Positive photos: 0

Total audio: 23 hours 13 minutes 07 seconds

Total EVPS: 4

Total video: 20 hours 11 minutes 34 seconds

Positive video: 2 (EVP) 1 not caught on audio recorder