Burrowes Mansion 11/08/10

Lead investigators John, Frank, and Aaron

Investigators Christi and Dave

Guest Kat, Kat, and Ivan

 Equipment Click here for list of Equipment used in our investigations.


Below is a link to the history of The Burrowes Mansion. The Museum is opened Every 1st and 3rd sunday of the month from 2pm-4pm. The guides there are very knowledgeable of the local history of Matawan and the surrounding areas. Check it out, its totally worth going!

Burrowes Mansion History

Burrowes Mansion Summary


Audio- 35 hours 13 min 34 sec

Video- 25 hours 35 min 08 sec

Pictures- 243

EVP's- 9

Disembodied voices or sounds 7+ (numerous sounds)

Video anomalies- 1

Positive Pictures-0


Timeline of Events

Arrived at 7:50pm

Set-up 8-835pm

8:20pm Christi and Frank hear a disembodied voice say "Hey" while setting up camera 4 in the attic.

8:51pm Lights out. John is at base. Dave and Aaron go to the 2nd floor and attic to investigate. Kat, Kat, Ivan, Frank, and Christi go to the basement then to 1st floor to investigate.

8:57:42 Parlor room. No Investigators were on this floor at the time we caught this EVP.

Get Out Of This house

Dave in the upstairs Master Bedroom

9:14:39 Parlor Room. Cam 2 audio recorded this single piano note. The music room was closer to Cam 1-That recorder never picked up the sound. Again no one was in that room

Piano Note

9:18:50 Attic. Cam 4 picked up this audio that sounded like stuff being moved around.



Photos above taken by Aaron in the upstairs pharmacy room.

9:38:21 Aaron and Dave enter the Attic.

9:39:00 Frank Christi, Kat, Kat, and Ivan leave the basement. Frank and Christi to the music room. Kat, Kat, and Ivan to the First floor back room.

Attic left side bedroom

Investigator Dave in the attic

9:48:33 Attic. Cam 4 picks up a voice that sounds like it is saying dead


9:49:06 Music room. Christi and Frank hear a rattling sound. No vehichle or aircraft were outside when they heard this. Even with cars going by it was never heard by and other investigators.

Rattling sound

9:53:12 Frank and Christi to the Parlor Room.

9:58:10 Aaron and Dave return to base.

10:06:20 Cam 1 in the Foyer recorded this strange light anomalie. Im not a believer that orbs are ghost but this is worth showing. It appears as Frank is returning to base to get new batteries for his digital camera.

 Burrowes Light

10:10:59 Cam 2 audio. Response to Frank.


10:19:01. Cam 1 picks up an EVP. Hard to understand what is being said.

Cam 1 Voice

10:21:00 Frank, Christi, Kat, Kat, and Ivan to the Music room.

10:26:21 Kitchen Area (Base). Aaron, Dave, and me (John). One out of two if probably one of the most important EVP's of the night.

All Kneel For John

10:42:20 Christi returns to base.

10:44:11 Kitchen Area (Base). Aaron, Dave, Christi, and me (John). The second most important EVP of the night.

Are you the corn king

10:45:56 John, Christi, and Dave to the attic. Aaron is at base. Frank, Kat, Kat, and Ivan in the music room.

1046:25 John, Christi, and Dave enter attic.

10:48:03 John records a 4.6 EMF spike.

10:50:58 Heard this disembodied voice answer Christi's question.

I can

10:56:58 Crying or low talking can be heard in the attic.

Crying or talking

11:00:13 Attic. Mini DV picked up this Really faint humming. It sounds like a lady cleaning or doing some other chores. You need headphones to hear this one.

Humming lady

11:00:32 attic. .1-.5 EMF spikes

11:01:57 attic. 3.9 EMF spike

11:03:29 Attic. This gave me such an adrenaline rush. I have tried this one before, the old shave and a haircut knock, and it never has worked now.

Shave and a Haircut

11:05:46 Attic. .4 EMF

11:07:15 John, Christi, and Dave to the second floor master bedroom

11:17:25 Master Bedroom. Audible moaning or crying disembodied voice.


11:22:11 Parlor Room. Cam 2 picked up this EVP.

Get out

11:24:30 John, Christi, and Dave return to the attic.

11:27:40 Parlor Room. Cam 2 audio shuts off. We had new batteries and plenty of file space left on the recorder. No known reason why audio turned off.

11:35:00 John, Christi, and Dave return to base.

11:45:00 Christi leaves for the night.

11:50:40 Frank, Kat, Kat, and Ivan to the attic.

11:52:30 Dave is at base. Aaron and John to the basement.

11:54:45 Kat feels something touch her head in the attic

11:58:32 Little Kat feels something touch her head in the opposite room in the attic.

12:02:40 Frank sees a shadow between him and little kat.

12:05:21 Frank, Kat, Kat, and Ivan head to the second floor.

First Floor music room

12:07:42 Aaron and John to the music room. We debunked the EMF spikes that were claimed in there. The heater in the basement is directly below the music room. When that would turn on it was causing our EMF detectors to go off.

Parlor Room. One of the claims here was the stand on the left was to move.

12:20:46 Aaron and John to the parlor room

Back room.

12:24:45 Aaron and John to the small back room.

12:27:45 I started feeling sick.

12:29:03 Frank, Kat, Kat, and Ivan join us in the back room.

12:46:40 Cam 4 in the attic recorded this banging sound. No one was upstairs or banging on anything at the time this happened.

Attic banging sound

12:55:23 John, Aaron, and Frank to the attic. Kat, Kat, Ivan and Dave at base

12:58:52 Attic. Flashlight was placed on the floor in the hopes we could get a spirit to manipulate it and turn it on.

1:00:10 Noise behind Aaron and Frank.

1:02:04 Frank feels something touch the back of his head.

1:03:30 Frank feels something brush his hair.

1:07:10 Aaron feels something tug on his pant leg.

1:08:16 I feel a coldness behind.

1:09:39 Aaron feels something poke his butt.

1:11:31 The three of us hear a noise

1:12:19 Flashlight turns on. (We tried the experiment at home. We set it up the same way we had it at the mansion. For an hour it never came on.) Here is the video of it. Definitely funny listening to us. We Were WAYYYYYY excited.

Flashlight video

1:16:11 We reposistion the flashlight and see if it would come back on.

1:20:26 Thought I saw movement pass by me from left to right.

1:20:41 Noise were I saw the movement go.


Room where I saw the noise

1:21:32 Flashlight turned back on.

1:24:04 Frank feels he got touched on the back of his head again.

1:26:51 Frank, Aaron and I to the second floor, Matawan journal room.

1:30:10 Sounds like someone playing with the latch on the door at the end of the hallway.

1:32:06 Latch sound again, this time caught on audio.

Latch sound

1:34:04 Felt as though someone was trying to pull my cell phone out of my pocket.

1:37:52 Loud bang on the heater.

Bang on heater

1:42:01 John, Aaron, and Frank heading to the master bedroom. Frank and I caught the smell of cigar smoke in the hallway.

1:45:58 Master Bedroom. Mini DV picked up an EVP that sounds like it says Hey to Frank when he looks at the camera.

Mini DV Cam Hey

1:50:16 As we were leaving the Master bedroom, we noticed a nightstand door was opened. 10 seconds before we noticed it, the mini DV caught a glimpse of the door being shut, of course it was not on it as it opened. We tried debunking it, and could not get it to open.

2:29:48 Cam 3 audio in the master bedroom picked up an EVP saying...

Your son is dead