Eastern State Penitentiary

Eastern State Penitentiary May 21, 2010

Lead Investigators: John, Frank, Aaron

Investigators: Dan, Christi, Dave

Trainee: Rich

ESP History

Here is a link to a brief History of Eastern State.   History

Eastern State Totals

Video Total- 16 hours 08 min 36 sec

Audio total- 15 hours 17 min 19 sec

Total pics- 403

EVP's- 3

Positive Video- 1

Positive Pics- 0

Eastern State Summary

Investigation Started at 8:31:11

8:41:00 John at the rotunda (base) Frank Dan, and Rich to cell block 4. Aaron, Christi, and Dave to cell block 12.

8:52:00 Aaron reports that his battery in his mini DV drained. Went from 77 minutes to 6 minutes left of power.

8:59:20 Dave gets a cold sensation while investigating cell block 12.

9:01:05 Response to Aarons question.

I Killed

9:14:00 Dans cell phone battery dies in cell block 4

9:17:30 Frank, Dan, and Rich to cell block 8

9:17:50 Aaron heard the sound of a door move in cell block 12

9:18:00 Aaron, Christi, and Dave return to base and report no unusual EMF spikes. They did however see a shadow person block out the window at the end of cell block 12

9:44:25 Everyone returns to the rotunda

9:44:45 Aaron is in the rotunda. John, Christi and Dave to cell block 4

9:46:25 Johns Mini DV dies. Same as Aarons when he was in Cell block 12

9:46:30 Strange light anomalie in Cell Block 12

Light anomalie

9:47:25 Frank, Dan, and Rich to cell block 12

10:11:15 18.6 EMF spike in cell block 4

10:13:36 EVP in cell block 4


10:17:41 Christi unknowingly has a Conversation. Sounds like 3 numbers being said followed by responding to her saying NO.......IM SCARED.

ESP Conversation

After this the rest of the night was fairly quiet. The only other strange occurance we encountered was at 11:19:15 the power went out. The rest of the surrounding area still had power. Our guides that were present with us reported that this had never happened before while a group was doing an investigation.