On this page is some of the equipment and what it is used to capture in the paranormal world.

EMF detector

The EMF or electromagnetic Field detector is used to capture fluctuations in energy fields. Whether it be from faulty wiring to a light switch, it will pick it up. The main use in ghost hunting is to find spikes in the electric field with no known electric source.

K2 Meter

The K2 Meter works much the same as the EMF detector. Instead of having a digital read out, it uses color LED lights. This instrument became very popular from the Sci-fi channels GhostHunters. It can be used by having the spirit answer questions by making the lights move by manipulatings the energy field around it. Which I would like to say works very very well.

MEL 8704R

The MEL 8704R (Pictured Right) has the same qualities as an EMF detector but also has temperature gauge and red flash light. It also has the capability of recording high and low temperatures and EMF spikes.

Digital tape recorder

The digital tape recorder is a great tool. From just recording things that maybe going on during the investigation such as times and location to what it is really used in the hopes of capturing, EVPs. An EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomena, is a disembodied voice or noise, caught on a tape recorder which was not heard at the time.

Mini DV Camcorder w/IR Light

The Mini DV is a great camcorder. Add the IR light and you can see in complete darkness. This is used to try and capture the holy grail of all paranormal research. A full bodied apparition.

Digital Camera

The Digital camera is another great advancement in technology. Now you don't have to wait to wonder if you caught any anomalies. Just take your picture and view it. And of course the more mega pixels the better.

As we acquire more "toys" I will post them on here. We still are trying to get some of the more expensive items like a full IR camera system. We will keep you posted on everything.