False ghost photos.

The following images were taken around my apartment. We were trying to see how easy it was to create a "ghost" that many people believe they capture in a photograph. Here are our results.



"Mist" ghost

We captured this one by blowing out a candle. This type of photo could also occur by a persons breath or smoking. This is one reason we do not allow smoking during an investigation.


Probably one of the most common to catch in a photograph. Orbs 99% of the time are nothing more  than insects, dust, or other types of debris in the air. In my experience both ghost hunting and living in a haunted home, I have only seen orbs on 2 occasions. Both times they gave off their own light and were visible to the human eye. These pictures were taken by hitting a throw pillow and near an air conditioner that was turned on.



Many people believe that a vortex is what connects our world with the spirit world. Here is a "vortex" that is created by having a camera strap in front of the camera. This picture is a little more clear than some I have seen. Others have a light from the camera flash reflecting off it. The first thing I do when I purchase a camera for ghost investigating is to remove that pesky strap!

You also have a good light reflection off the window, plus the presence of "orbs." That is actually the dust from the pillow we took pictures of a few minutes before this picture.

And here is another "vortex" with an "orb." It is actually a hair that Investigator Christi actually was unwilling to donate :)

False Apparitions

The following are some "ghost" that we were able to take, using different techniques. Some are caused by motion blur, slow shutter speed, reflection, and mistaken identity.





This last one is supposed to be funny and serious. It is always important to check out a location and see whats around. I make it a point to visit the place and take lots of photos with the lights on. This came in handy at Eastern State Penitentiary. We believe we may have caught an apparition in the hallway of one of the cell blocks. After reviewing the pictures we took during the day, we realized it was a doorway, past one of the doorways we entered through. As we experiment more, we will post more photos. Hope this was informative and makes you think twice before jumping to the conclusion that you may have a ghost in a photo.