About NJPS

     NJPS was an idea I had for the longest time. It started when my friend Aaron and I (John) began ghost hunting local graves back in 2001. We were intrigued that you could capture apparitions in photographs and catch disembodied voices on tape recorders (EVPs).  So we set out on our first expedition to a cemetary in our hometown of Shrewsbury, NJ. Not sure of really what to do, we decided it to be best to not talk, this way if we did capture a voice on the tape recorder we could definitely say it wasn't us. Off we went, Some time in July of 2001.

     I placed the tape recorder next to a tombstone, turned away from it, walked away about ten feet and took a picture of the tape recorder using my 35 mm camera, not knowing what would happen next. We went about taking pictures and trying to experience cold spots. Nothing was happening, so we packed it up and went to sit in the car to listen to the tape recorder. You could here me put the tape recorder down, walk away on the gravel road, and you could here when I took the picture. After what would have been the flash on the camera, you here a male voice saying "I found the light." That just sent a massive chill through our bodies. We couldn't believe our first time out we caught something.

     After getting the film developed, you could see what looks like an orb right above my tape recorder the time we caught that voice. That just added more to fact that we caught something. This sparked our interest even more. We went when we could. Continued catching more and more things. From more EVP's, to being touch, to even unbelievable cold spots.

      As things would have it, we slowed down on the ghost hunting. Having to get jobs and such since we were both out of high school and it was hard to find the time. It ended up being a drought for awhile.

      We started throwing around the idea of starting a ghost hunting group, like TAPS, aka Ghost Hunters on the sci-fi channel. I also had others who were interested in the paranormal. So here we are. 2008 and the start of the NJPS.