Private house Mansfield, NJ Visit 1 May 16, 2011

Due to this being a private investigation of a home, I will not give out the exact location or names of people involved.


     My niece, who has taken an interest in the supernatural, and I arrive around at the home at approximately 715 pm. We met with Cat, her daughter , and KD.  I helped them before with their own haunting and we became very good friends. We were here to help out Cats friend, who was dealing with a haunting in their home.

     They showed us some pictures that were captured in the master bedroom that were taken with a game camera, which is activated by movement. The images, though not clear, were very interesting to say the least. We began setup of our equipment and began investigating.

      To set the mood for the investigation, it was cold and foggy. The mist in the air was enough to send chills up your spine.  Little did I know what the night would bring.

      As we began investigating, it seemed like any other house. Quiet, not much going on. The homeowner had some friends over who told us what they have seen and believed what was going on.  After awhile they left and things then began to heat up.

     As we were sitting in the living room, we kept noticing movement on the stairs that led up to the 2nd floor.  It was a dark mass that seemed intriqued in what we were doing. It kept poking its head around the corner then it would dissappear. It finally came down the stairs and in flash it shot right back up. 

     After this we began describing what we saw, and this is when we captured our first and only EVP of the night


     Little did we know at the time we captured something more than just a whispered voice of the dead.

     As the night went on we kept experiencing strange sounds as if someone was walking around watching us. We ended up staying the whole night, and at 730 in the morning we left for home. 

     One thing that I didnt tell anyone til after the investigation was over was that throughtout the night I kept feeling drained both physically and mentally. Like someone was taking the life right out of me. Little did I know on the next investigation someone else would be targeted.

     We began going over evidence that day when I got a call from Cat saying that KD had caught an awesome picture.  Well, I'll let the picture speak for itself.

We believe it is a woman walking up the stairs. could this be the same dark mass that kept watching us.


   At this point we knew that another investigation would need to be done, especially cause these spirits were harming the occupant of the home, and now we had proof something was definitely there


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