Private Residence, Mansfield NJ Visit 2 May 25, 2012

This is a continuation of the our initial investigation of the residence in Mansfield NJ.


     Well, we were able to go back to the Mansfield residence, this time armed with Sage, protection stones, and more of my team. This time I had lead investigators Aaron and Frank with me. My niece Ruthanne, Cat, Cats daughter and KD, were all also present.

     This time we came with a game plan. Cat and KD were gonna cleanse our client and the property then we were going to set up equipment and perform another investigation, after which we were all going to cleanse the home. We asked after the cleansing if the client could stay with a friend while while we performed our tasks, this way he wouldnt be harmed. He agreed.

      So after the cleansing we began our investigation.  We started in the house, Frank Aaron and myself. The house had a heavy feeling as if it knew what the night was going to hold. Frank Immediately began feeling the same feelings I had on the first investigation. Just feeling so drained and not wanting to go on. We both found it best if he stayed outside in the barn and watch the monitors.  After Frank was settled and began feeling a bit better we ventured back inside, this time with Cat and KD. We were sitting on the couch in the living room.  Aaron and I both began hearing noises behind us, too low to hear on the tape recorders. All of a sudden Aaron was thrusted forward. I felt the couch move. Aaron said it felt like something pushed him in the back. Aaron is a large guy and it would take a lot to move him, especially the way he did. After that Aaron said he began feeling upset, as if he was being yelled at and he was a little kid. Then he began feeling angry as if he wanted to hurt someone. At this point I thought it better if we went outside for a little. Being outside brought Aaron back to himself and gave us time to think of a game plan.

       We decided to go back in for a third time. This time we went upstairs into the master bedroom where alot of the spirit activity is said to occur. The feeling up there was not the same as downstairs. The air felt alot better. Peaceful. Everyone had better feelings then what went on downstairs. We decided after sometime to go to the blue room which is a smaller bedroom adjacent to the master bedroom.  In this room I was sitting on the window sill looking into the hallway, Aaron, Cat, and KD were sitting on the bed.  While I was sitting there I began seeing different color orbs floating around, greens and blues. Very strange. As soon as I went to say something they were gone.  Then out of nowhere I saw a movement near KD, then we both heard a little boy say hi. We didnt have a tape recorder near us since it was in the master bedroom, so it just comes down to another personal experience.

      After this Aaron and I decided to go take some pictures outside before going and cleansing the house with KD and Cat. We walked around the property for awhile, taking random pictures and discussing what could be going on. We then neared the house taking pictures. Little did I know what I captured in the upstairs window of the blueroom.


In the image it appears to be a boy in the bottom right and a man in the bottom left.

I did not see this image til after I got home so I had no idea that I had captured this.

      Well it started nearing 2 am and that was the time we were going to bless the home. We decided to begin in the kitchen and work our way around the home eventually ending outside. Aaron and I were there mainly to document and assist if needed Cat and KD.

      We began at 2 in the kitchen. As Cat and KD did their thing I ran the audio recorder and aaron had some items for Cat and KD.  This is when we captured our first EVP of what sounds like a little boy, not to happy about what KD is saying

2:11 am Boy

      After this we began cleansing the basement, nothing happened. Then we headed upstairs. Aaron and I stayed in the hallway. Cat and KD were cleansing the blue room and master bedroom. As they were doing this, something ran between Aaron and I up the attic stairs behind us. We caught it on audio, although it is very faint.

2:22 am Running upstairs

     We then proceeded up to the attic. While we were up there I started to feel very sick. As im telling Aaron this I recorded an EVP saying I was very very Bad.

2:26 am I was very very bad

     Now that the house was finished being cleansed I decided we should go back outside and do the property once more for good measure. We walked around the house and proceeded to go to the bonfire we had going. I said we should throw the sage in there and let the smoke from it just fill the property. After this we were just talking outside when a female voice decided she had a warning for us

2:50 am We will hunt you down

      The rest of the night was rather peaceful. We all had a good nights sleep and packed up and left around noon the next day.   After this investigation we had a lot of crazy things happen to us. I began having crazy dreams. Christi said she wanted one of the protection stones that I had at the home. When I gave her one a bright light occured in the hallway which we couldnt explain. Frank began seeing a strange shadow figure in his home, and Aaron had is stone explode on him when asking for his grandmother to watch over him.

       I believe the spirit made good on her promise to hunt us down.


After all was said and done we had over 80 hours of audio and over 80 hours of video, on top of 400+ photos we had taken. This investigation changed the way I feel about ghost haunting.

The homeowner was fine for about a month with no happenings at all. Things began to start again, and a series of non supernatural events led him to have to leave the house where he now lives out of state.