Investigation of Point Lookout Lighthouse MD.

This is our investigation of Point Lookout Lighthouse MD, which took place          April 24,2010. This was a great trip, which involved a very historic place. 


April 24-25, 2010

Lead Investigators: John and Frank

Investigators: Christi and Dave

Investigator in training: Rich

Weather: Cloudy w/some off and on heavy rain. Wind ESE 15-20 with gust to 30

Temp: 60F

moon: Waxing Gibbous


4 Spools 300' Cable, DVR w/4camera IR system, 3 olympus Digital recorders, 19" LCD TV, K2 Meter, EMF Detector, Mel 2 EMF/Temp Reader, Canon power shot A620, Kodak M853, Sony ICD-P620 digital recorder, Sony Handycam HC-38 with external Illuminator, 3 cobra micro walkie talkies.

Time-line of Events with EVP's

8:30 pm Started our investigation with Terry, our guide. He showed us the ins and outs and where all the hot spots of paranormal activity were. From there we put up all our equipment. We were then joined by two others investigators from another Paranormal located in Maryland,

9:15 pm. We began our investigation. The two from MPRT went upstairs while Christi and Dave began investigating the ground floor. Rich and Frank took the basement.

9:23:52pm Christi and Dave captured a voice saying "look down...." the rest is up to intepretation.

                             Look Down: Download


9:32pm-9:51pm. Frank experienced multiple battery drains in his camera.

9:36:26-30pm Christi recieves a response to a question in the South side kitchen.

                             No: Download



9:44:41-43pm. North side kitchen. "Get Out"

                           Get Out: Download


9:54:30pm. A whispered "John" I like this one cause i was by myself in the northside kitchen watching video.               

                           John: Download

10:06:36-40pm. During the investigation we had one IR camera going nuts and even at one point completely lost power. I had investigators Christi and Dave go take a look at it. Thinking maybe it was the wires loose or something else. Instead what we got was an EVP. This EVP got me thinking the possibility that ghost can se IR light and were tapping in to the power source. This was the upstairs NW bedroom. It sound like its saying "Keep your Lights off"

                            Lights Off: Download


10:07:06-07pm. Christi and Dave were coming back downstairs after playing with the camera....sounds like someone saying "Yea"


                            Yea: Download


10:11:04-08pm. This was a great EVP. Sounds like a man with a southern voice commenting on the weather outside. "Looks like a bad storm"

                            Bad Storm: Download


 10:25:10pm. Frank, Dave and I began experiencing K2 hits in the upstairs NW bedroom.

10:27:13pm. Frank feels "someone" tug on his pant leg in the NW upstairs bedroom.

10:42pm. Frank and I hear a noise in the same room.

10:42:23pm. Another noise heard by me. Sounds like a whisper.


                          Whisper: Download


 11:51:56-58pm. Sounds like a woman saying "I killed you" or "I kill you" nw Kitchen.


                         Kill You: Download


12:32:40-45am. Talking to frank while trying to recreate a noise we heard up in the cupola.  Instead of Frank answering me, someone felt inclined to answer.


                         Yup: Download


12:53:50-56am. Half my investigators were downstairs watching the monitors and Frank, Terry our guide and myself were upstairs. We heard foot steps in the hallway. The investigators downstairs thought it was us.....they were wrong.


1:03:25-30am. Half the investigators should be happy they didnt hear this while down stairs in the NW kitchen. "Ya'll go to hell"

                         Go to hell: Download


1:08:50-55am. Christi may have been what this next one was talking about. Its under frank while he is talking. Ive come to the conclusion its saying "the girl is next"

                        Girl is next: Download


1:29:11-17am. Upstairs NW bedroom. Heard someone say "good....." it was audible and was in the room with us.

                        Good: Download



1:38:40-45am. Audible noise in the NW bedroom. Sounded as if it was right next to my left side.


                        Audible Noise: Download



Hours of Audio: 10:35:31 hrs

Positive EVP's:12

Postive Disembodied voices:3

Positive Paranormal noises: Numerous sounds of boots walking.

Hours of video 7 hrs 35 min

Positive video: 0

Number of Pictures:88

postive pictures: 0


Pt lookout lighthouse was a great investigation. Just about everyone had some sort of experience. The one I wish we captured happened to Christi at the end of the investigation. We were wrapping things up, collecting all our equipment. Christi was heading upstairs to gather the cable to our one camera. As she was going up she saw a shadow. She thought it was herself. She tried moving around and but it didnt match her movements. The shadow proceeded down the hallway....where it disappeared in front of the bathroom door. This happened on the one side of the house where we had most of our experiences, and captured EVP's. This was the first and only time so far where we had camera disturbance. Since the house was void of most electricity....I believe the spirits there were tapping into our equipment to manifest. All in all this was a great place and hope again to one day return. Thank you Terry our guide,and the Point Lookout Lighthouse Preservation Society!