Point Lookout Lighthouse April 23, 2011

Investigators present

Lead investigator- John Skimelis

Investigators- Christi Mackey, Frank Masini, Dan Dahl

Time Line of Events

Investigation Begins at 9:20 pm

10:29:43  NW 2nd floor bedroom-Christi gets chills on her left side

10:31:43 NW 2nd floor bedroom- Christi hears breathing in her left ear

10:34:25 NW 2nd floor bedroom- John and Christi hear a faint footstep out in the hallway

*10:37:55 NW 2nd floor bedroom- John sees a shadow figure on the wall

Video of reaction

10:42:56 John and Christi leave upstairs bedroom

10:43:46 John and Christi arrive @ base

*10:45:22 EVP NW 1st floor kitchen Audio after John was describing how the shadow figure he had seen scared him

Im sorry John

*10:45:39 EVP cam 3 SE 1st floor living room


10:47:08 John and Christi investigate NE1st floor living room

11:04:08 John and Christi investigate the basement

11:16:18 John and Christi return to base

*11:25:58 NW 1st floor kitchen- K2 meter randomly begins going off

11:36:00 Everyone at base begings to feel cold spots

11:44:06 All investigate 2nd floor NW bedroom

11:52:48 NW 2nd floor bedroom- Faint door sound after john asks to close door(not picked up on audio)

*1:10:38 EVP NW 2nd floor bedroom- Same voice as before saying sorry

I really am sorry

1:50:55- End investigation. Gathering equipment



Audio- 24hours 51 minutes 9 seconds

Positive EVPs-3

Video 20 hours 7 minutes 36 seconds

Postivie video-0

Pictures 45

Positive phots-0