The Team


John Skimelis- Founder-Lead Investigator


I figure this part of the website would be a good spot to meet my team. We are professional at what we do and in the field of paranormal research there is always something to learn and new ideas to try. Some of us are still learning. Anyone with a *next to their name are still in the process of going through NJPS's program of learning equipment, protocols and any type of hauntings we may encounter in the field. So take some time and get to know the team. 


 Frank Masini- Lead Investigator.Co-Founder Equipment  manager.


Frank is a good worker and loves the paranormal. Since he got involved with ghost hunting he has seen things that even he cant explain. We have had some good investigations and he's a good leader.



 Aaron Isaacson- Lead Investigator, Co-founder


I have known Aaron for now twelve years.  We had our first Paranormal outting 8 almost 9 years ago. Now we are living our dream. He has a passion for the unexplained and when on a ghost hunt he is like a kid in a candy store. But however excited Aaron gets ,he is professional and couldn't hunt without his presence.


 Christi Mackey-Investigator, Treasurer


Christi, since being involved with us, has been part of some crazy things. Her and I have seen things that are unexplainable. That's the reason we are in this field. To try and find explainations for things that scare most people.

Dave Hoff- Investigator

Dave has been part of NJPS before it was even NJPS. He has a different perspective and its also enjoyable listening to his opinions.